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Step into an oasis of tranquility at Lola J. Aesthetics, where a great and welcoming environment awaits. Immerse yourself in a space designed for your relaxation and rejuvenation, with soothing colors, ambient lighting, and a harmonious ambiance. The friendly and professional staff at Lola J. Aesthetics is dedicated to ensuring you feel not just like a client but a cherished guest. From the moment you enter, experience a warm and inviting atmosphere that envelops you, creating a sense of comfort and serenity. Whether you’re here for a transformative treatment or a moment of self-care, Lola J Aesthetics is a haven where every detail is curated to enhance your overall well-being. Welcome to a sanctuary where exceptional service meets genuine hospitality.

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Lauren Johnson

About Lauren Johnson

Lauren Johnson, a seasoned Physician Assistant with over a decade of experience in both New Jersey and Florida hospital emergency rooms, decided to turn her dream of opening a MedSpa into reality. She immersed herself in an aesthetics course in 2019, and by 2022, took a leap of faith to establish Lola J Aesthetics.

Dedicating herself to this venture, Lauren has transformed her MedSpa office into a serene oasis—a haven where both women and men can find solace and leave refreshed and rejuvenated. Lauren is passionate about building relationships with each person who walks through the door of her aesthetics and wellness practice.

How long does the redness and swelling last after a microneedling procedure?

The rosy or reddish appearance post-treatment may endure for a span of two to four days, yet the majority of patients describe a feeling akin to a mild or moderate sunburn.

What is the recommended interval between HydraFacial treatments for optimal results?

For optimal skin health and to address specific concerns effectively, monthly HydraFacial sessions are recommended. However, the frequency can be tailored to individual needs and goals.

Are there any notible side effects associated with dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a safe and non-invasive procedure. While some individuals may experience temporary redness or mild flaking post-treatment, these effects are generally short-lived.

How many sessions are tyically needed for PRP undereye injections, and what is the maintenance schedule?

A series of three PRP undereye injection sessions, spaced 4-6 weeks apart, is often recommended for optimal results. Maintenance sessions every 4-6 months help sustain the improvements over time.

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